About Timeshare Legal & Christian Highlander

Timeshare Legal was founded by Christian Highlander with one goal in mind: to help victims of timeshare fraud cancel their contracts and stop the financial bleeding . Most people who buy a timeshare do so under fair practices. They are not deceived and willingly sign up to have an affordable family vacation in a premier destination. However, some timeshare companies will put their shareholders’ interests ahead of their customers and will do everything possible to force prospective owners into a deal. Seeing a need for change, Christian Highlander created Timeshare Legal to help victims fight back.

Christian Highlander of Timeshare Legal LLCChristian Highlander was a former NJ real estate agent, and he has worked in every major department of the timeshare industry since 2002. His knowledge of the real estate and timeshare industries puts him in the unique position to assist timeshare owners with cancelling their contracts. He has partnered with some of the best minds in the industry to form Timeshare Legal’s Senior Leadership Board, and countless timeshare owners have found relief through the efforts of Highlander and the rest of the Timeshare Legal team.

Timeshare Legal is based in West Deptford, NJ. For more information about the timeshare cancellation company, please visit www.timesharelegal.net/.

Christian Highlander in the News:

Timeshare Legal & Christian Highlander Presents West Deptford Police Department with $30,000 Donation