Timeshare Legal’s History and Founder

Timeshare Legal was founded by CEO Christian Highlander, who has experience in every aspect of the timeshare industry. Since 2002, he has been developing a high level of expertise in the timeshare industry. He has set up timeshare financing, worked in the secondary market, and has been a Licensed Real estate agent in New Jersey.

Timeshare Legal

Highlander has worked on research and development of consumer protection, financing, and educational resources for timeshare owners. He does all of this to ensure that Timeshare Legal’s clients are given the best information and receive unprecedented support and service.

As an active member f his community, including involvement in the Free Masons, Highlander lives with this philosophy, “If you give, it will come back to you.” He’s a proud father and husband who strives to find the good in everyone. Highlander enjoys outdoor activities, the challenge of chess, and spending quality time with family and friends. He’s put together a team that knows what is important and sets out to help everyone they can.

When Timeshare Legal was founded

it strove to provide peace of mind to owners that have been troubled by questionable sales methods. Like many up-and-coming markets, companies within the timeshare industry can become focused on profits to a fault. When profits become the main focus, then customer relations dwindle, and the industry suffers.Timeshare Legal

When a timeshare company uses misleading tactics, owners become hesitant to remain in the industry and often seek alternatives. Timeshare Legal is the industry leader in assisting owners navigate a more desirable outcome. With almost $100 million in saved payments and a 100% money-back guarantee, Timeshare Legal should be the first phone call for anyone considering renegotiating or severing their timeshare ownership.