Timeshare Legal CEO Christian Highlander Offers the Top Reasons to Cancel Timeshare Memberships in 2016

Timeshare Legal understands the value that timeshare can bring to travelers, but there are many occasions where these timeshare holders find themselves amassing debt and seeking a way to break with their timeshare contract. Below are a few of the reasons that individuals are seeking relief from their unhappy timeshare arrangements.

Timeshare Legal

Almost everyone has received flyers in the mail that promise free trips as long as travelers view a timeshare promotion. During these promotions it is the salesperson’s job to be forceful and to try to make travelers actual timeshare holders. After returning from these vacations many travelers find themselves unhappy because they have opted into a timeshare membership that they never really wanted in the first place.


  • Timeshare Legal also notes that another reason a timeshare member might want out of their contract is due to financial hardship. CEO Christian Highlander acknowledges that economic situations can change at any given time, and this is why he is contacted by a good portion of his customers. Families find that they can no longer afford the arrangement of the timeshare that they loved and must move to cancel their contracts. There are also cases where buyers second guess their choices after they have purchased their timeshare option. Once these customers have really had an opportunity to review their purchase they are no longer satisfied with what they have bought.


  • Then there are other timeshare holders who no longer enjoy going to the same vacation destinations. If customers purchase a timeshare option that does not have varied locations, they are going to get tired of their vacations. Customers are disappointed that they are paying for a timeshare membership that they no longer want to use.


Timeshare Legal is a timeshare cancellation service assisting timeshare owners in removing the burden of unwanted contracts. This company is rated the highest mark of an A+ on the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey, and since 2009 is quickly approaching 100 million dollars in cancelled timeshare debt. For those struggling with timeshare debt, this company is ready to offer free consultations to help those individuals reach their financial freedom.